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    Hey everyone~ Sorry for not being very active... I've been very busy with college and haven't been on in over a month... 

    I'll try to be a bit more active, but I found that I'm not getting as much feedback on here as I used to and I'm currently using Instagram more than anything. So if you'd like to follow me there my IG username is ldsheori just like on here.

    I haven't been doing much personal art (mostly just school stuff) but I'll probably post cosplay pics since I do that almost every weekend.

    Anyway, I love all my friends on DA so I hope to speak to you all sometime~!
Thank you to everyone who cares enough to read this!

I apologize greatly for not being very active over the summer. I got a third shift job that I hadn't planned on getting. With this job I didn't have much free time, since I had to adjust to sleeping during the day and I had mandatory overtime on Saturday nights for the first half of summer. Luckily it paid EXTREMELY well, especially since it was my first job and I'm just entering college.

Speaking of college... That brings me to the next reason I haven't been active. I had been doing orientation and move-in prep (since I have to live in the dorms for the first two years) and class selection along with other things. Today was my first day of classes, and I feel fairly confident in my ability to keep up as long as all the technology works for me. God knows that technology hates me and refuses to work when I need it most.

Ha, wow am I amazing because I totally didn't mean to do this, but that also brings me to the final reason for not being active. My laptop died. I accidentally spilled Monster in my overnight bag and my laptop (which is usually toward the top of my bag with clothes to cushion it or in my laptop carrier) was at the bottom of the bag where it decided to pool. We set my laptop up to attempt to dry it off, but my friend and I didn't have the resources to save it. This happened about mid summer and it really bummed me out. Lucky for me, where I'm going to school they give you a laptop (payed through tuition) that has all the programs already on it that you'll need for your major. My major right now is Studio Art, but mostly just because I had to be an 'art' student to get into the higher level art classes. I'm planning on adding psychology next year, and I'm currently taking Sociology 101.

There are many things that I am currently working on, and I'm trying to get settled into the dorms and such, so any requests/commissions/payments are still in progress if I haven't uploaded them. I hope everyone can be understanding!!! 

Oh, and these are my two new friends that I've met on my dorm floor, :iconkittenstorm11: and :iconnannamelissa:. And then this is my cousin's account :icondakotawolf1996:. Please check them out~

Thank you everyone~:heart:!!!!!!!!
CAUTION: Read at your own discretion

I was tagged by :iconcutehinata157: a looooooong time ago XD

This questionaire (?) is for you and a favorite character or oc to answer and rp together. I've decided to include my Utauloid Rihito (since he's the one I rp with the most), my HxH oc Sheori (since she's a really important one to me), and myself.

1. Your names?
Rihito: My name? It's Rihito Kyosota *smiles*
Sheori: Eh? My name is Sheori, why?
Me: If you want to know, then ask me later ~:heart:

2. Favorite food or drink?
Rihito: Uh, recently I've had a craving for blueberry pancakes... *remembers something really nice and blushes slighlty* (This one's for :iconnanairopuffin:)
Sheori: I, um, don't really have one...
Me: Chocolate. No wait, icecream! Ah, it's actually sweets in general. Especially sweet and sour. Oh, sweet and sour chicken is also good, with fried rice and... *rambles on about food*

3. Favorite type of music?
Rihito: I like listening to rock, although I am forced to sing all types of music. *glares at me* Even if I don't like it, or the song makes me sound weird.
Me: Come on whittle Whihito~ It doesn't matter what you sound like as long as I make you sing with your boyfriend, right? Anyway, I like almost all music, except for most rap and polka and the like.
Rihito: *glares harder, cheeks now pink from embarrassment* Stop treating me like a little kid, I'm older than you!
Me: By like, what, 8 months?
Sheori: Hmm... *ignores the fighting and thinks for a while* I don't really listen to music...

4. Who do you like?
Rihito: *smiles while thinking of his partner* A very special person~
Me: *grins devilishly* He loves Akinori~ and Sheori loves Killua~
Rihito: *blushes while mumbling* Y-yeah, well... You love everyone!
Me: *giggles* He's right, I do ;)
Sheori: *scratches a reddening cheek* Well, I suppose, now that everyone knows...

5. Favorite Color?
Rihito: Ah, blue-gray?
Me: I like a lot of colors, but seafoam green is beautiful.
Sheori: Purple, I think.

6. Any siblings?
Rihito: *grins* Yep, my sister Momiji.
Me: *smiles triumphantly* Three brothers, and I'm still alive.
Sheori: Do close friends count? Because Kana is like a sister to me.

7. Friends?
Rihito: They're mostly just skating and biking buddies, but Aki is my closest friend~:heart:
Me: A lot, in rl and on da, I hold everyone dearly. Although I can be a bit moody sometimes >.< I apologize in advance.
Sheori: Uh, Kana, for one, then there's Killua, Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, Ikalgo... *lists off a few others*

8. Will you get mad if this goes on forever?
Rihito: I-is that even possible? I mean, for it to go on forever?
Me: Well, maybe not mad, but annoyed, since I have very little free time lately ^-^
Sheori: Uh, probably?

9. What would you do if i killed your pet?
Rihito: *raises an eyebrow* If you really killed my pet, though I don't know WHY you would do that, then I would probably never speak to you again.
Me: I've learned my lesson not to have pets, no matter how hard I try they always end up dying... *eyes fill with the tears of a hundred pets*
Sheori: *twitches at hearing that someone would kill a pet of hers* That would be unforgiveable, and I would punish you for animal cruelty!

10. Last 2 songs you listened to?
Rihito: ? *smiles* Aki singing Chocola Holic~ and I don't remember the other one.
Me: Counting Stars? I think that's the title... and Safety Dance XD
Sheori: *smiles apologetically* I don't really listen to music...

11. Do you like camping?
Rihito: Depending on where it is, yes. Camping with my family was always fun.
Me: Ha, we actually have a permanent camp site. So yeah, I like camping ^-^ Nature is beautiful.
Sheori: I've never really been "camping" but I've stayed out in the wilderness countless times *smiles* I like it.

12. Do you like rp?
Rihito: Of course! It's the only way I can be with Aki!  Well actually... there was that one time...
Me: *glares at Rihito* Don't you dare bring that up now! I'm still mad at you for that! Mister "I was even thinking about taking you to the other room last night, or the closet".
Rihito: That wasn't my fault! He was so defenseless and adorable!
Me: *ignores him and tries to put on a smile* Yes, I enjoy it, although sometimes I wish "some people" wouldn't exsist (sorry, I just like teasing him all the time. Rihito and I have a love/hate relationship)
Sheori: I, uh, don't know... If Killua asked...?

13. No matter what your answer was were doing rp anyway.
Rihito: Oh, yeah... *laughs* I kinda forgot about that.
Me: My answer was yes anyway ^-^
Sheori: Ah, then it's okay I guess!

14. One of you is sleeping and the other one phones you and tells you that your going camping with them
Me: *sleeping after a night of third-shift work, then woken up by the phone ringing* Ugh... *tries to ignore it but it keeps ringing so answers it in a half dead voice* Yeees...?
Rihito: Hey, let's go camping today.
Me: ... *hangs up and tries to fall back to sleep, but the phone rings again* WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?
Rihito: *slightly angry* You just hung up on me!
Me: *angry up to my ears and screaming into the phone* If you don't let me sleep you'll never talk to your lover ever again!!!!!
Rihito: ...
Me: Did you hear me?
Rihito: Yes... Have a good sleep. *hangs up*

15. Even if you said no your still going camping with them. What do you pack?
Me: Rihito... you are so dead... but fine, I'd bring a sketchpad and a pencil, along with pajamas, food (smores stuff), insect repellent (mosquitos eat me alive every time), and a swimsuit?
Rihito: I swear, it wasn't me! I'm not the one who wrote this question!

16. You/She/He/They come(s) pick you up and you two drive to the campground. What do you two talk about?
Me: I'd be driving since the idiot doesn't have his liscense.
Rihito: Hey, I'm in the process of getting one!
Me: Oh really now? Anyway, I would tease him about his relationship the whole way. Wonder how embarrassed I can get him. Hey Rihito remember that time that you and Aki *******ed, and *****ed, and then *************************************ed, not to mention ****- *gets cut off*
Rihito: *cuts me off by covering my mouth with his hand as his face turns bright red* Keep it pg13 at least!!! No one needs to know that stuff!
Me: *grins triumphantly under his hand* shee, to ja (see, told ya.)
Sheori: *taps on the car window* ... I can come to, right?
Me: Of course! Get in cutie.

17. When you get there you see a small campsite that will only fit one tent.
Sorry, Skipping this one...

18. When you finish setting up the tent you realize its lunch time. What do you cook?
Skipping as well...

19. When your done eating you decide to go for a walk up the hill/mountain by your campsite.
Me: Yay, lots of nice scenery, and I love hiking!
Rihito: Yeah, it's nice here, I wish I could come more often.
Sheori: Yup! *smiles happily* and you two are finally getting along.
Me: *rolls eyes* We always get along. It's just that Rihito is a big baby about everything.
Rihito: I'm not being a baby!
Sheori: *sighs* I should have kept quiet...

20. ~Time Skip~ Your lost in the woods and its getting dark out. What do you do?
Me: I told you it was the other way... If Rihito would have just listened to me.
Rihito: *looks at me like I'm crazy* You were pointing towards a cliff! Your sense of dirrection is impossibly bad.
Me: I can't help that, it's the one flaw in my otherwise perfect self! (I'm kidding of course)
Sheori: Hey guys, we should really hurry to find our way back, dangerous animals come out at night.

21. After walking around for a while you see an abandon cabin and decide to stay there for the night.
Me: *gets super excited* Ooooh, what if it's haunted! It sure looks haunted.
Rihito: *pales at the thought of it being haunted* M-maybe we should... look around some more...?
Sheori: *smiles reasurringly at him* Don't worry, it'll be fine. I'll even go first. *Walks into the cabin*
Me: *smirks* It'll be fine unless it's haunted. *Follows her in*
Rihito: *swallows hard and stands outside alone until he hears a noise nearby and rushes to catch up* I-I'm coming...

23. You saw dusty old furniture and hunting equipment
Me: *eyes sparkle* Just like from a horror movie. Someone will come in the middle of the night and kill us in our sleep. *though I say it lightly it does scare me a bit*
Rihito: *too scared to say a word*...
Sheori: That would never happen. This stuff has been untouched for a very very long time.
Me: *I can barely contain a burst of giggles knowing that Rihito is terrified* Untouched by the LIVING at least.
Rihito: Sh-shut up! Ghosts don't exsist!

24. When you finish looking around the cabin, you found a bed and a couch. Who gets the bed and who gets the couch?
Me: Sheori and I get the bed, you can have the couch.
Rihito: Why do I get the couch? *thinks "and have to sleep all alone in this creepy place"*
Me: *grabs Sheori into a hug* cuz we're both girls and you're a guy.
Sheori: I-I'm fine sleeping on the couch.
Rihito: *realizes it's safer to sleep alone than next to me and my merciless teasing* C-couch is fine...

25. ~Time Skip~ What do you do after you wake up? (remember, your in an abandon cabin with no power or running water)
Rihito: *lays on the couch without getting a wink of sleep after a long night of hearing and seeing strange things that weren't there* Why... why was I even born? (basically questions his exsistance XD)
Me: *walks over to Rihito with a slightly rested face, though I had a bit of trouble sleeping* Good morning sunshine~ sleep well? *goes to get something to eat*
Rihito: *glares* The best sleep ever...
Sheori: *comes inside with dripping wet hair after washing up in a nearby river* Good morning.
Me: *stares at her* Where were you?
Sheori: *blinks* Bathing in the river. Why?
Me: *shivers* Wasn't it cold? I'd never do that.
Sheori: *smiles* Of course it was.

26. After you finished doing whatever you were doing, you get ready to try and find your way back. Do you take anything from the cabin? Or do you leave everything there?
Me: *grabs a creepy looking old knife* Huh, wonder if we'll become haunted ourselves if I take this with.
Rihito: *grabs my wrist, careful not to touch the rusty knife* D-don't, you shouldn't even be touching that... *tries to cover up for being frightened* You never know what kind of disease you could get from it.
Me: Right... *completely unfooled, but still puts the knife down*
Sheori: But it wouldn't hurt to take this cool stone would it? *holds up a misty looking gem-like stone found from who-knows-where, and sounds really optimistic*
Me and Rihito: *swallow while thinking that that stone really could cause a haunting, but keep quite and just smile and nod at her*

27. ~More Time Skips?~ You finally figure out where you are when you get to the top of the hill/mountain, but its already night time and you have nowhere to stay. You can see the yellow lights of the small town below and you try to find out how to show them that your there and you need someone to come get you.
Me: Do we have anything to make a fire?
Rihito: I thought you were in charge of that...
Me: Ugh... How are we supposed to make a smoke signal without fire?
Sheori: Um, *tries to speak in an unoffending way* It's night now, so no one would see it anyway...
Rihito: We could just walk down?
Me: *laughs out loud* I'd like to see you navigate in the dark.
Rihito: Okay, I get it already, it's a stupid idea.

28. You couldn't think of how to get them to notice you, so you had to stay on top of the hill. But at least the stars were pretty.
Me: Well... It's a good thing I like nature...
Sheori: And there's no signs of rain. Look at how clear the sky is, all those bright stars.
Rihito: *smiles softly* They're really pretty tonight...
Me: *gives a content sigh* Yeah, they really are amazingly beautiful... I love star gazing. Oh, is that Taurus? *points at the constelation getting excited, then points to another* And there's Orion's belt! And the Big Dipper is always easy to spot.
Sheori: *laughs* You really like astronomy, don't you?
Me: *gives a big smile* I love it, and astrology. It's just all so interesting, and I'm a virgo by the way.
Rihito: *chuckles* "virgin" fits you perfectly.
Me: *embarrassed by the comment* So what, I'm proud of it, and Sheo's also a virgo! Mister capricorn, you horny little goat mermaid!
Rihito: Hey!
Sheori: ...

29. You sit there looking at the stars. (If your both girls or both guys then skip this question and the one after it) Then you notice it looks really romantic.
Sheori and I are both girls, and Rihito doesn't swing that way (plus he has a significant other already) so we pass XD

30. (Skip if your both girls or both guys) Then you kissed.
Again, pass.

31. Did you like the rp?
Me: I loved it! This kind of thing makes me happy, although some of the questions threw me off.
Rihito: I probably wouldn't do this again, unless I was forced to, or if Aki was included~:heart:
Sheori: I wasn't able to contribute much, since most of the time you two were arguing, but I had fun *smiles* Especially seeing how much you two were freaked out at the cabin *giggles*
Rihito: *blushes slightly* I wasn't scared!
Me: I was! But it was fun, very fun. Let's do it again!
Rihito: *walks away quickly* I'm not going back there...
Me: Ha, funny that HE was the one who wanted to go camping in the first place

Anyway, looks like the end. I hope you enjoyed reading it! And I apologize for the way I acted in this rp >.< (got super carried away)

Tag, you're it~! :iconnanairopuffin: :icondakotawolf1996: :icontwilit-briarrose: :iconnivi-chan:


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My favorite all time series is HunterxHunter (first watched the original anime, then read the manga, and am currently trying to catch up on the remake).

Here are some icons I just found and absolutely love to pieces!!!
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